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Once you have selected your ideal container, the next step is arranging for its delivery. But how do you transport something larger and heavier than your average automobile? Let’s be honest: the thought of it can be overwhelming. That’s why the team at SteelSTORED is happy to take the reins and manage the process for you. With years of experience in transporting multi-sized shipping containers, we ensure that from departure to arrival, every step will be easy and stress-free, and that your container will arrive in top condition. All you need to do is secure a suitable delivery site and be present at the time of delivery. We usually request a site that features flat, level ground made of asphalt, concrete or gravel, but we can also deliver on dirt or grass as long as the underlying land is sturdy and firm.

SteelSTORED offers the following professional-grade delivery methods, each with its own benefits:

  • Tilt Bed / Rollback Truck: Tilt Bed, or Rollback,Truck deliveries don’t require the need for a crane or forklift at the site. Instead, the truck can slide the container off its bed at a specified angle without the assistance of additional equipment. All our driver needs is sufficient room and firm, dry land to complete the job.
  • Flatbed Truck: Flatbed Truck deliveries normally require the help of a crane or forklift to move the container off the truck bed, although some trucks allow the container to be dragged off. For the latter, the delivery site requires an anchor point. Two chains would first be attached to the unit while still on the truck, followed by being attached to the anchor point. As the Flatbed pulls away, the container easil slides onto the delivery site’s surface. Again, the ideal site features firm, dry and sturdy land.
  • Step-Deck Truck: The Step-Deck and hot Shot Truck is the delivery method of choice for High Cube Containers. While similar to a Flatbed, Step-Deck trucks and hot shot trucks are closer to the ground and as such, easily accommodate taller loads and keep such deliveries compliant with legally accepted measurements. Also like flatbeds, these deliveries require either a crane or a forklift to help move the container off. However, Some trucks allow Two chains attached to the unit while still on the truck, followed by being attached to the anchor point. As the Step Deck or Hot Shot pulls away, the container easily slides onto the delivery site’s surface.

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