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Interior and Exterior Painting:

SteelSTORED can deliver custom painting, personalized branding, company logos and attractive signage to any shipping container.
Interior Finishing: If you wish to add paneling, shelves or insulation for heightened comfort and convenience, SteelSTORED will modify your container to your specific interior design preferences. 

Doors and Windows:

All of SteelSTORED’s shipping containers feature impressive cargo doors; however, should you want or need entrance and exit modifications for easier access, additional swing, personnel or roll-up doors can be added. For optimal light and ventilation within your unit, we can also help you choose the appropriate windows or skylights to achieve your objectives.

Lock Boxes and Security Add-Ons:

While all our shipping containers are equipped with safety features, additional security options including Lock Boxes, Door Bars, Panic Bars, Window Bars and Security Screens are available upon request.


Should you need specialized lighting features, SteelSTORED offers modifications such as LED and fluorescent interior and exterior lighting, overhead and recessed lighting, task lighting, floodlights, shop lights and heat lamps.


SteelSTORED can meet your electrical requirements within safety standards and regulatory compliance. Some of the more popular requests we handle are power tool cables and 3-phase power.

Heating, Ventilation and HVAC:

SteelSTORED will customize your temperature needs and personal preferences by installing features such as baseboard heating, louver vents, turbine vents, A/C window units and Bard HVAC units.  

Cut Downs:

If a specific measurement is required, SteelSTORED can easily adjust your container to size.

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