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Businesses including retailers, distributors, warehouse professionals and manufacturers are always searching for quality yet cost-effective storage solutions for materials, excess inventory, and in some cases, to-be-transported cargo. Commercial and industrial clients need to know that the containers they secure for use will protect the integrity of their products during the storage period, and, if being shipped, preserve their condition throughout the journey. 

Enter the magic of steel.

SteelSTORED offers these clients the ideal solution: ground-level shipping containers featuring high clearance and extra wide widths, all made from durable, industry-valued Corten® steel. All our containers are weatherproof and watertight, with many models being fully cargo-worthy, and are able to sustain the hazards of moisture and fire damage, inclement weather and unforeseen natural disasters. Stores and retailers may prefer them as a temporary fix for much needed additional storage space; for warehouses, our shipping containers can provide extra storage without the prohibitive cost – not to mention slim availability – of renting or buying another warehousing space. From manifests and records to finished products, our 14-gauge steel shipping containers are also the perfect vessel for transporting merchandise to a new destination.

Along with inventory, SteelSTORED shipping containers can safely provide storage to a company’s own seasonal inventory and equipment, or act as the perfect solution for static storage during store, factory, plant or warehouse upgrades and renovations. 

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