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From public schools and parks to city or town services and stateside military agencies, the government and municipal arenas have a consistent need for safe and secure shipping containers. SteelSTORED has long been a reliable and valued partner to many government agencies and service providers. We’re experienced in helping decision-makers determine solutions that meet public budgets without compromising quality or performance.

It’s a known fact that military agencies are often laden with essential hard-copy documents, legal records and miscellaneous paperwork that require safe storage, even in these digital-driven times. But beyond documents management, these agencies are also responsible for state and federal facilities with their own special storage needs – facilities that house training materials and supplies, security vehicles and deployment-related equipment. They also oversee storage and shelter solutions when natural disasters strike. With its broad selection of secure shipping containers, SteelSTORED can deliver the appropriate products needed to maintain the safety of these important items, even under the most challenging circumstances.

Cities and towns also require dependable storage options. Services such as transportation, public works, sanitation, recycling and police and fire departments all need a dependable resource for the safe, secure storage of equipment, vehicles, materials and even safety-compliant attire. Do you oversee town fairs, senior centers, special events or recreation spaces? If the answer is yes, SteelSTORED can also help you safely protect your inventory and supplies. And last, whenever local building and infrastructure improvements are underway, acquiring secure shipping containers is a non-negotiable.

Public school systems present their own unique needs for safe storage. Moisture-resistant containers are critical to the preservation of sensitive classroom laptops, large-scale maintenance and landscaping tools, and sports equipment used throughout the school year as well as during summer programs. Depending on climate, they can even be used as temporary classrooms or administrative offices during short-term school renovations.

If you are a government, military or municipal service provider, contact SteelSTORED to explore how we can provide our services to you.

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