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Used Containers

Much like new shipping containers, used containers offer a long life-span, multiple uses, and highly dependable performance. They can also be fully customized or modified according to preference. Due to some minor cosmetic imperfections, they are slightly more affordable; however, used containers are ideal for short or long-term storage of household-related tools, business or office supplies, collectibles, and sports equipment, and feature most of the same weather-resistant attributes as new models. If your budget is a bit more limited and outward appearance isn’t a top priority, a used container is sure to deliver the optimal solution to your storage needs.  

New Containers

New shipping containers, also called “One Trippers” (see our FAQS section), are available in 10-foot, 20-foot, 40-foot and 40-foot High Cube models, with each size offering its own unique solutions.  

One Trippers earn their name from the fact that they are shipped from their point of origin only once and with only one load of cargo. Offering a life-span of 30 years or more, they are all but brand new since their exposure to harsh travel and ocean environments has been limited to a single, one-way journey. ISO-certified and fabricated from Corten® steel, they are manufactured according to international shipping industry regulations* with corrosive-resistant, weatherproof, watertight and cargo-worthy features. Perfect for static, storage and shipping needs, new shipping containers are advised for uses that include active office space, temporary classrooms, ancillary living space and part time / full time residences, especially when cosmetic appearance is key. One Trippers can be easily modified according to any business or personal need.  (*Note: ISO cargo containers are certified by Lloyd’s Register and Bureau Veritas.)

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