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The Design / Build industry is complex, challenging, and most important, expensive. The financial investment is always major, regulations are precise, and expectations are high. That’s why it is critical to ensure the safety, security, care and performance of the equipment, tools and raw materials involved in any building project.

Whether you are a General Contractor, Builder or Real Estate Developer, the team at SteelSTORED can help you select the best portable, ground-level storage solutions for your building site. Save time and money by choosing among our Corten® steel 20’ or 40’ shipping containers for off-hours storage of costly machinery such as backhoes, scissor-lifts and hi-los as well as scrapers, forklifts, tools and employee safety gear. In addition, our weatherproof, watertight, moisture-resistant containers will preserve and protect the quality of your supplies regardless of climate or unexpected weather emergencies. Last, you’ll enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that everything you store will be safeguarded from theft or damage by heavy-duty lockable doors.   

While sufficient storage on a job site is key, SteelSTORED also provides portable, climate-controlled office units for ease and convenience while a project is in full swing. Offering all the features of a stationary office, you can conduct business as usual on-site and at any time. Our office units also deliver the option of securing important documents such as blueprints, floor plans, labor logs, inventory ledgers and electronics for immediate access.

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