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What is a Shipping Container?

Shipping containers are steel containers specifically developed in response to the needs of the shipping industry for the safe, secure transport of merchandise. The top-grade containers on the market are made of high tensile, rust-inhibiting Corten® steel, making them exceptionally resistant to weather hazards, climate issues, fires, floods and natural disasters as well as damage from rodents or small to medium-sized wildlife. Shipping containers are also structured to be easily stacked, further enhancing their suitability for diverse short-term, long-term and transport storage needs.

How are shipping containers constructed

Most shipping containers are designed to ensure that their firm steel framework fully supports the corrugated steel walls. Secure double doors are found on one end (usually referred to as the back), and feature four full-height locking bars for extra safety. For shipping containers that are acquired for storage, the experts at SteelSTORED normally advise that a fitted lock box – basically, a metal cowl welded onto the container doors – be added to prevent unauthorized or illegal access. The interior floor sits atop a steel plinth or platform made of 27mm treated timber.

What is the size and weight of a shipping container?

SteelSTORED stocks and sources a broad selection of shipping containers, with most spanning from 10 feet for office units to 45 feet in length for more complex use. The most commonly requested sizes, however, are the 20-foot long containers that weigh approximately 4,000 pounds, the 40-foot long containers that weigh approximately 8,000 pounds, and the 40-foot long High Cube (HC) containers that weigh approximately 9,000 pounds.


What is the difference between a new, ex-factory and used containers?

New containers, also called “One Trip” or “Once Used,” are shipping containers that have been sent directly from their manufacturers overseas with only one load of cargo stored in them during their initial journey. Not having endured multiple trips with various loads, they are in excellent condition, and are completely suitable for storage, especially where appearance is important. The term “ex-factory” refers to the cost of goods from the seller’s factory or location. Fees accrued by the transport from the seller to the buyer must be addressed by the buyer.

Used containers are also in very good, strong and viable condition, but may feature minor cosmetic irregularities due to wear and tear acquired from more frequent use. As a result, they generally cost less than new / one trippers or ex-factory units. However, in no way is the actual performance of a used container compromised.

How long can I expect my shipping container to be usable?

All the shipping containers we represent are exceptionally strong and durable. As with most goods, the lifespan of a container will depend on the care it receives and the conditions it encounters. On average, new and ex-factory containers have a lifespan of around 30 years. Used containers, while still durable and able to resist climate and environmental hazards, are estimated to last a considerable length of time as well, especially if well maintained.

Where is the nearest container depot to me, and how much will a shipping container delivery cost me?

Because our clients are based across the US, we have developed strong and dependable business alliances with multiple nationwide depots. Please contact us at SteelSTORED with your zip code and location, and we will be happy to provide you with delivery cost estimates based on container size and category, i.e. new or used.

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