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When it comes to shipping products by sea, steel shipping containers are the smartest choice. Average storage capacity is impressive, and the weatherproof, windproof, watertight and overall cargo-worthy environment will ensure any business that the merchandise sent will arrive in the same condition as when it left port. Our containers are also able to withstand over 60,000 pounds of cargo. Easily tracked and monitored, shippers can enjoy an additional layer of security regarding transport status and delivery. 

But maritime use of shipping containers can also apply to the needs of the weekend boater, sailor, licensed captain or marine athlete. With their unrivaled strength and durability, SteelSTORED’s shipping containers are ideal for the short- or long-term storage of all things seafaring when the season comes to a close. Boating equipment, sports gear, pool chemicals, accessories, lighting, safety attire and more can safely and securely be stored until it’s time to once again hit the waves.

If shipping merchandise by sea is part of your regular business protocol, or if you’re a boat owner who wants to secure your investment, call SteelSTORED for the best in maritime storage solutions.

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