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Few professions are as strenuous as traditional farming. It requires hard work all day, every day, using complex, high-ticket equipment. And after exerting the time and energy that successful farming demands, the last thing a serious farmer wants to do is compromise the performance of their machinery and supplies.  

SteelSTORED’s shipping containers can deliver farmers the storage they want and need to keep operations fluid while protecting many of their most prized assets. Whether it’s tractors, mowers, excavators or cranes, or smaller field equipment critical to production and harvests, we have a selection of units that can maximize the preservation of everything that keeps a farm humming.

In tandem with traditional farms, hydroponic and certified organic farms are also becoming more and more numerous. As a result, shipping containers have found new and innovative uses in the farming industry. Delivering controlled environments that all but eliminate the need for pesticides and the chance of contamination, our containers can provide farming enclosures that promote year-round cultivation, higher yields, fewer infestations and healthier end-products. Even better, using shipping containers for these purposes generate more efficient energy and water use as well. The result?  New advancements in sustainable, healthy farming.

SteelSTORED invites farmers to contact us to discuss our selection of value-added, farm-friendly containers. 

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