“Hermit Consumers” – Affordable Luxury with Repurposed Shipping Containers

You are no-nonsense individualists valuing self-sufficiency, lots of space, frugality and privacy. Those who love to apply labels, such as The Economist and LinkedIn, call you “Hermit Consumers.” But we at SteelSTORED celebrate you as Innovators. You have learned how to live by your wits, on your own terms and affordably.

Luxury Doesn’t Have to Cost Much

From our growing number of Hermit Consumers SteelSTORED customers we know this about you: You Innovators are finding that repurposing shipping containers makes it possible to introduce luxury into your minimalist lifestyles. And do that for relative peanuts. Those applications range from increasing your house’s square footage to installing an above-ground pool. All this usually can be put in-place, depending on your jurisdiction, without zoning red tape. What gets you off the hook on many regulations is that the structure is classified as “temporary.” The location of shipping containers is just that – temporary – because they are portable. Very cost-efficiently they can be transported by truck, railway or ship to where you will be next.

10 Key Benefits of Repurposing Shipping Containers

You have a lot of company in repurposing shipping containers for residential purposes. In general, the “off label” uses of shipping containers keep increasing exponentially. That is primarily because of these 10 key benefits:

Low Cost, Hassle-Free. Permanent construction has been hit hard by inflation. The price for 20’ and 40’ foot shipping containers has remained stable. In addition, the purchasing process is straightforward. The industry is known for straight-dealing. Otherwise, it would not be able to transact business globally.

Easy Customization. To design the containers for your purpose, you do not first need to do a tear-out. They arrive as a shell. You can choose to add. You do not have to delete. That saves money and speeds up the conversion process.

Sturdy Even Amid Climate Change + Secure. Like you, the shipping-container industry is pragmatic. It created containers to protect the merchandise in all conditions on the high seas. That meant developing the special Corten or “weathering” steel for the frame, panels and cargo doors. On land, they stand up to whatever climate change brings. The Corten infrastructure also prevents theft and vandalism. The optics message the bad guys: Do not even think about it.

Also, the configuration sidelines rodents from gaining access. No surprises such as chewed wiring when you open the steel cargo doors.

Low Maintenance. Corten steel ensures you will enjoy using the application, not be performing time-consuming expensive periodic maintenance. You can forget putting together a list of local experts to assist you in “taking care” of the shipping containers. Like you, they are self-sufficient.

Mobile. Unlike when you construct a traditional guest cottage or in-ground pool, these can go with you when you leave. Also, as your lifestyle changes they can be moved to other parts of your property.

Flexibility. You have access to adding or subtracting as much square footage as you need now or in the future. The containers are designed to be joined together horizontally or stacked vertically. As your situation evolves you can retrofit the containers for other roles in your life.

Not Having to Reinvent the Wheel. Yes, you can be innovative. However, by now repurposing has become a mature niche in the shipping container industry. Already there are many models available for how to customize your containers for your needs. You are not going into this “cold.”

Charm. There is a whole new art form blossoming in the aesthetics for decorating the external surfaces of your repurposed shipping containers. That could include a simple paint job, complex design and/or cause or commercial signage.

Enhanced Property Values.  How you have reconfigured your lot for amenities can boost the selling price. Demand has increased for the kind of remote nesting you have established.

Eco-friendly, and Brisk Market for Resales. When there is no longer a need for these applications, you can recycle the containers. There is a brisk used market, with high resale pricing.

Think in the Box and Out of the Box

Your luxury applications can serve to meet your needs. In addition, they can be as boundless as your imagination. Here is a sampling:

The Frugal Option for Adding Square Footage. You might want more space for yourself or to create a tiny house on the property for a relative. Traditional construction is expensive, takes time and requires many different kinds of permits. With shipping containers, you save money, have a rapid turnaround time and probably do not have to wrestle with the traditional zoning laws since the addition is classified as “temporary.” First, though, research the regulations in your specific jurisdiction before you begin planning.

Home Office. You can start your workday by actually stepping out of your home and walking across the grass or snow to the office. Research by recruiting platform Wishup documents that a well-designed dedicated home office increases productivity, improves health and can be the ticket for achieving work balance.

Exercise. Hermit Consumers shun the social interaction and germs of gyms. You can remain fit with your own pool – above ground – and a stand-alone workout center.

Entertainment Palace. There is plenty of room for big screens, games, dancing and hosting special events such as anniversary parties. Often the unique setting in shipping containers elicits the Wow experience.

Storage, Including Temperature-Sensitive Items. Whether it is for tractors (the cargo doors allow for easy drive-thru), garden tools or food for your own use or commercial sale, shipping containers will be up to the task. Refrigeration can be installed. Operating that mode of temperature-control will likely be more cost-efficient and reliable than more traditional means.

Animal Shelter. Who says you have to build a barn for the chickens which help your self-sufficiency with their eggs and goats for their cheese. Roomy space can be created by linking together containers horizontally. Ventilation systems can be installed. Hygiene can be maintained through the special flooring standard in shipping containers.

Yes, a Safe Room. Danger can hover even in your isolated location. That Corten steel with the cargo doors can provide refuge.

According to Shannon Ackley, the principal designer at Hive Interior Studio, container homes offer endless design possibilities. She believes the best container home interiors are those that find a balance between fashion and function. “I’ve seen container homes that use a single container, and others that connect multiple units, but they all share the common thread of showcasing innovative design.”

Ms. Ackley also emphasizes the importance of using environmentally friendly elements, aligning with the concept of repurposing shipping containers. “Container homes are like a blank canvas for creative design that should be both practical and attractive, all while being gentle on the planet,” she notes.

SteelSTORED – Leader in the Innovative Repurposing of Shipping Containers

“Can we really convert 40’ shipping containers into a tiny house for our son?”

People with those kinds of questions know to come to SteelSTORED for our complimentary consultations. We are a leader in the innovative repurposing of shipping containers. Also, in terms of customer service our mission is to be here for you, every step of the way in your purchasing journey. That begins with deep listening, then connecting your dots. Given our experience we can anticipate your needs. Then we guide you through your options. You are never alone to sort out the details of sizing, new-or-used, price, shipping, delivery and setup.  Yes, we provide quotes free and quickly. Please connect with us at contact@SteelSTORED or 203-705-8251.