Warehouses Go Mobile With Shipping Containers

The warehouse had once been a lowly stand-alone stationary storage facility. It got no respect. That was in the days before “normal” ended in business. And no one expects “normal” to return again, at least not to business.

The Warehouse Has Become Central Hub of Business

Now business recognizes that the warehouse is a critical function. It is right up there with product development, sales, and shareholder relations. That is why business is increasingly welcoming the latest innovation in how shipping containers are used. That innovation is this: reimagining the shipping container as a portable warehouse.

SteelSTORED has been a leader in bringing these creative applications to businesses throughout the Northeast.

Currently SteelSTORED has stocked a new kind of shipping container for the mobile warehouse.  It is 20’ long, 8’ wide, 9’6” tall, fully insulated, with stainless steel flooring, ceiling air-conditioning, and electrical with breaker box. Other traditional models and sizes are also available, both new and used.

SteelSTORED also develops and provides cost-efficient transportation options for the containers to be shipped to the customers.

In this article, I explain how business can gain a sustainable competitive advantage through mobile warehouses.

How We Got Here

As consultant to logistics companies 3PL Central documents this: COVID created unprecedented disruptions in supply chains. Those supply chain problems have not gone away.

Therefore, very quickly business has had to think differently about logistics, particularly managing the supply chain. That has included re-negotiating with third-party partners, developing alternate transportation routes, eliminating redundancies, reducing costs, and creating new risk models.

The strategic importance of the warehouse, of course, has increased with global political unrest, inflation, threat of a recession, and clogged ports.  A mobile warehouse gives the business the flexibility to relocate to where it has to be. That could be in proximity to the supply chain at the location it is at during that particular time. In addition it could mean being closer to the customer. In the process the portable warehouse eliminates middleman services such as multiple vendors for transportation. That can reduce cost and speed up shipping and delivery.

There is more: Mobile warehouses retrofitted from shipping containers also provide protection against the impacts of climate change. In addition, they can eliminate much of the product damage which comes through unnecessary handling.

What Is In It For Business

Business has been looking at the warehouse function from many perspectives. Those range from software automation to the physical layout. Now business can include in that analysis the features of mobile warehouses which can give it a competitive edge. Here are 11 of those.

  • Low Upfront Cost. The container is available new or used. The purchase price is lower than what the purchase price would be for brick-and-mortar structures.
  • With ownership there is none of the danger of loss of lease that goes along with traditional rentals of brick-and-mortar. If the lease for the rental of the space for the portable warehouse is cancelled or the terms and conditions become unsatisfactory, then there is the option of simply moving the structure to where there is a better deal.
  • All-in-one functionality. The mobile structure serves for both storage and as a self-contained vehicle for transportation.
  • Ease of transportability. On the ground, the warehouse can be loaded onto a trailer with the use of equipment such as forklifts. Twist locks hold the structure securely in-place. Transport is also available by rail, plane, and ship. SteelSTORED can handle all the logistics of shipping,
  • Optimization of supplier network. That is made possible through the portability. Business can go where the vendors are. That can result in better terms and conditions.
  • Reduced product damage. There is no unpacking before shipping from the warehouse. There is also no repacking for the next setting. Everything goes in the portable warehouse in one trip.
  • The premium-grade Corten steel prevents corrosion damage. There is also a watertight seal.
  • Maintenance-Free. A shipping container will not require the regular maintenance a building would.
  • Resistance to consequences of climate change and more. Designed and manufactured for harsh ocean conditions, the shipping container can stand up against extremes in weather, hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes.
  • The double heavy-duty camera-equipped swinging doors at the end of the container prevent the kinds of theft which happen to traditional warehouses. 
  • Ground-level access. This facilitates easier and less expensive loading and unloading of contents.

SteelSTORED As Go-to For Shipping Container Applications

SteelSTORED has become the trusted brand for using shipping containers as creative solutions for business and personal needs. Recently we had been featured in ST Magazine for our experience in how shipping containers are providing retailers with a fresh approach to pop-up stores.

We also have expertise in reimagining the shipping container for entertainment, classrooms, residential homes, offices, hygiene centers above-ground swimming pools, hospitals, and crisis centers.

For a complimentary consultation please connect with us at [email protected] or 203-705-8251. SteelSTORED is your one-stop business for information, purchase, and shipping.