Shipping Containers – The Wow Factor

SteelSTORED was recently featured in the June 2023 issue of ST Magazine. Retail has been continually changing, among the shifts has been adopting shipping containers for both standard functions such as inventory management and new uses like downsizing the real estate footprint. The Shipping-container is right up there with livestream shopping and generative AI in reshaping retail. Download the article here or click here to read the story online!

SteelSTORED is featured in the June 2023 issue of ST Magazine

SteelSTORED is there for you and your organization. We are your information and hands-on transactional partner. Our years of experience has taught us what keeps you awake and night. So we make it our mission to be with you every step of the way. That extends from the purchasing journey to transportation to setup on the site. Yes, SteelSTORED provides quotes. Please connect with us at [email protected] for 203-705-8251