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    “Hermit Consumers” – Affordable Luxury with Repurposed Shipping Containers

    You are no-nonsense individualists valuing self-sufficiency, lots of space, frugality and privacy. Those who love to apply labels, such as The Economist and LinkedIn, call you “Hermit Consumers.” But we at SteelSTORED celebrate you as Innovators. You have learned how to live by your wits, on your own terms...

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    Refrigerated Shipping Containers – Energy-efficient, Flexible, Low-Cost, Resaleable and More

    This has been a disruptive era of extreme weather, inflation, increased regulatory scrutiny and non-stop shifts in the market. If your business or nonprofit demands temperature-controls that means you also are being hit with critical energy issues, everything from reliability to cost. More products are temperature-sensitive.  There is good...

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    Shipping Containers – The Wow Factor

    SteelSTORED was recently featured in the June 2023 issue of ST Magazine. Retail has been continually changing, among the shifts has been adopting shipping containers for both standard functions such as inventory management and new uses like downsizing the real estate footprint. The Shipping-container is right up there with...

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    Cost-Efficient Facility Managers Are Using Shipping Containers for Temporary Storage – 8 Reasons Why

    Generative AI, it is predicted, will soon exceed human intelligence. But already it is plenty smart. We at SteelSTORED prompted ChatGPT4, one of the generative AI platforms, with this question: Why are construction companies, government agencies, schools, hospitals and other organizations using mobile shipping containers for temporary storage? After...

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    Construction Sites: Boosting Profit Margins with Shipping Container

    For 2023, the construction industry is a tale of two demand patterns. One is about decline, the other about explosive growth. But in both, the objective, of course, is to maximize profit. That is not easy: The construction industry is a tough business, with many factors which cannot be...

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    Airbnb for Retail: “Housing” for Inventory in Shipping Containers

    Airbnb – which facilitates hoteling in homes – revolutionized the lodging industry. Costs immediately came down. A version of that could reset how retailers do business. That is taking the form of “housing” excess merchandise inventory in low-cost shipping containers. Then when a decision is made about the merchandise...

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    Warehouses Go Mobile With Shipping Containers

    The warehouse had once been a lowly stand-alone stationary storage facility. It got no respect. That was in the days before “normal” ended in business. And no one expects “normal” to return again, at least not to business. The Warehouse Has Become Central Hub of Business Now business recognizes...

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    Materials, Innovation, Customer Service, and Affordability: SteelStored Leads in the Northeast and New England

    The SteelStored Story In the $50 billion shipping contain industry we at SteelStored are a documented leader in materials, innovation, customer service, and affordability. We are proud and honored that our brand is prominent in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. That...

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    Reimagining Shipping Containers as The Garage

    A house without a garage leaves the American Dream incomplete. But for most current homeowners adding on a garage has become financially and logistically difficult. The Associated General Contractors of America attributes that to soaring materials costs, supply chain systems in gridlock, and project delays as the new normal....

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    Shipping Containers – 8 Reasons Why They Still Make Perfect Sense After 65 Years

    When Malcom McLean invented the shipping container in 1956, the concept made so much obvious sense that it was adopted rather quickly. Today, according to the International Maritime Organization (ISO), there are 34,000,000 of the containers around the world. Statista documents that about $14 billion of the global economy’s...

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